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Our vision is to create compassionate, equitable and vibrant communities where people thrive



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ABOUT Opportunity Home

Since 1937, Opportunity Home San Antonio has committed more than 85 years to building and maintaining affordable housing for the residents of San Antonio.

Opportunity Home provides housing assistance to more than 62,500 children, adults and seniors through its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher and Mixed-Income housing programs. The organization employs more than 600 individuals, with an annual operating budget of $200 million, and real estate assets valued at over $500 million.

As a compassionate agency, we understand safe and quality affordable housing is the foundation to success, and we have the privilege of managing nearly 74 public housing communities, 36 other managed or owned communities and administering nearly 13,789 rental vouchers throughout San Antonio.

Opportunity Home is the stepping stone for many families who are working to become self-sufficient and ultimately achieve their dreams of homeownership, and we believe they can.


Improve the lives of our residents by providing quality affordable housing and building sustainable, thriving communities


Compassionate, equitable and vibrant communities where people thrive


San Antonio Area has a high quality of life where all are thriving

Opportunity Home

The San Antonio Housing Authority is now Opportunity Home San Antonio. A community of possibilities.

A house is a structure, a place of shelter, somewhere to live. But a home is a place where memories and traditions are created, and big dreams come alive.

Our work in the community remains the same. We will still offer the same services but with an emphasis on compassion, equity and excellence.

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