Sustainable Initiatives

Opportunity Home is committed to building and maintaining sustainable communities. As the largest landlord in San Antonio, Opportunity Home knows that promoting sustainability can influence other companies to heighten their standards as well.

Recycled materials are used when building and revitalizing housing communities, while incorporating sustainability measures, including the conservation of energy, water and improving indoor air quality standards. In addition, Opportunity Home consults with organizations such as Build San Antonio Green and Energy Star Raters when building and redeveloping our communities.

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Mirabella is the first Build San Antonio Green certified level 1 multi-family development in San Antonio and has been verified energy efficient through a third party.


The Park at Sutton Oaks is the first new construction, multi-family development to achieve Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) Level 2 certification.

The second reconstruction phase of the former Sutton Homes, The Park at Sutton Oaks will become San Antonio’s most energy-efficient multi-family development, significantly decreasing residents’ utility costs and promoting long-term sustainability.

The BSAG initiative demands stringent requirements under three main concepts: energy efficiency, water conservation and healthy living. In addition to an Energy Star 3.0 rating, The Park at Sutton Oaks will feature several green amenities, such as:


In May 2012, Opportunity Home unveiled the newly renovated, 119-unit Lewis Chatham Apartments, an elderly and disabled public housing community. The complex, originally built in 1973, is the first multi-family residential rehab project to be rated Build San Antonio Green – Level II.

The $7 million in capital improvements were made possible through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, creating 105 jobs with a direct and induced local economic impact of $20 million.

One of 37 San Antonio public housing communities to benefit from ARRA funds, Chatham’s recent renovations include new energy-efficient heating and air conditioning, lighting, security, fire systems, upgraded elevators and new plumbing.

Unique to the property are walking spaces for Chatham residents, designed by UTSA architectural students, which include a xeric garden that uses native plants with low water requirements.


Villa Tranchese
Victoria Plaza
Lewis Chatham
Lila Cockrell
OP Schnabel


The HemisView Farmers’ Market was created to increase food security in an urban food desert located in downtown San Antonio, TX. The market is located at a mixed-income/public housing site, is open to the public, and accepts EBT cards (Food Stamps). It was created through a partnership with Metro-Health, San Antonio Food Bank and Opportunity Home and funded by an ARRA Communities Putting Prevention to Work Grant.

Located at 800 E. Cesar Chavez Blvd., the market operates every first Friday of the month from 4-7 p.m. The market, which accepts the Lone Star Card, features healthy, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, produce, meats, artisan breads and free-range eggs.


Multi-Family Energy Retrofit – Level 2

Dr. Charles Andrews Apartments have become a Multi-Family Energy Retrofit – Level 2 Certified community, established by the Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) program.

In 2016, Opportunity Home began capital improvements to install coded, electronic gates, secure pedestrian gates, remove and replace a rear perimeter chain link fence with new steel fencing, replaced windows using a non-destructive method and installed new energy and sound rated-window units and more.

Interior improvements included new HVAC units with improved condensate drainage, new energy-efficient fixtures, new Energy Star-rated kitchen appliance packages and renovations to upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

To date, Opportunity Home has built over one million BSAG-certified square feet.