Opportunity Home’s Procurement Department is responsible for overseeing the agency’s entire procurement-related activities. It provides purchasing/procurement guidance to internal staff and members of the vendor community interested in providing goods and services to Opportunity Home.

Major categories of Opportunity Home procurements and contracts in support of the agency’s requirements include professional and consultant services, construction and development projects, recurring services needed to support property operations and products/commodities needed by departments.

In fulfilling its primary mission of sourcing, the Procurement Department is responsible for complying with all state, local and HUD laws, rules and guidelines in their procurement of goods and services, from the initial solicitation through the issuance of contracts.

Two major programs administered by the department are the SWMBE (Small, Women, Minority Business Enterprise) contracting program and the HUD Section 3 program. The department’s Section 3/SWMBE Coordinator assists businesses and individuals with both programs and ensures compliance with the goals for minority contracting, hiring of Section 3 individuals (low- and very-low income) by Opportunity Home’s awarded contract vendors and certifying businesses as Section 3 Business Concerns.

Purchases generally fall into three major categories that trigger procurement related action, based primarily on anticipated contract dollar thresholds. HUD guidelines, State law and internal policy dictate methods and practices used for these purchases.


Anticipated contract amount is less than $3,000. Opportunity Home requires at least one fair and reasonable quote be received from a qualified vendor for an award to be made.


Anticipated contract amounts of $3,000 to $50,000, in the aggregate.

These procurements allow for Opportunity Home to use a less than “formal” process with the following important features:

  1. Per State law, outreach to at least 2 State of TexasHistorically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) located in Bexar County during the solicitation process is required, if a HUB firm is available. Note: The HUB program is administered by the State of Texas and they determine vendors that qualify for certification.
  2. An adequate number (normally 3) of fair and reasonable quotes should be obtained to ensure competitive market pricing.
  3. Generally, Opportunity Home will post the solicitation announcement and document on its website for all interested parties to review. Although this is not required, Opportunity Home attempts to post most solicitations online.


Expected contract amounts that exceed $50,000, in the aggregate. These generally take the form of Invitation for BId (IFB), Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ), among others. These purchases require a more formal process to include advertising in local newspapers, posting on the Opportunity Home website, and


Opportunity Home follows the requirements of the HUD mandated Section 3 program involving its procurements that involve federal funds. As part of this program, awarded vendors commit to a plan of hiring Section 3 (low- and very-low income) qualified individuals needed for staffing following award of their Opportunity Home contract and/or provide other economic opportunities to Section 3 participants. (e.g., training).

Opportunity Home’s Section 3/SWMBE Coordinator is available to assist firms in learning about the program’s requirements and the development of Section 3 plans. The coordinator also works with residents in a pool of potential employees for contractors seeking to meet their Section 3 requirements.


Opportunity Home is committed to involving Small, Women, Veteran, and Minority businesses in its procurements and awarded contracts. The department is actively involved in community and outreach activities to assist firms in participating in Opportunity Home’s procurement. Vendors are encouraged to seek certifications through the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA), which will formalize their qualifications within the various groups and will help them in securing other governmental contracts. Opportunity Home is a member agency in the SCTRCA.