Helping Fulfill the Needs of Others

As senior vice president of Franklin Apartment Management, Ryan Baldwin has witnessed the financial hardship individuals in his organization’s communities battle.

He recalls walking the grounds of a community and witnessing two children in a dumpster searching for food — a basic necessity. Baldwin and his team rescued the children, took them to his office and provided them food.

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Tips for Passing an Inspection

Pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection the first time, every time! The following video does not represent all inspection requirements for the program. While we will demonstrate the most commonly inspected items, some requirements may not be represented.

You may be responsible for items not shown in this film.


Through the HCV Program, Opportunity Home issues a voucher to an income-qualified participant, who finds a unit in the private market to rent. If the unit meets the Housing Quality Standards (HQS), Opportunity Home pays a portion of the rent directly to the landlord. The following sections show the steps to landlord participation: 

When the client has found a housing unit that is satisfactory, they must negotiate a residential lease with the landlord. To do this, the landlord must first agree to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The rent for the unit must be reasonable, according to area comparables. If the landlord agrees to participate in the program and to lease their unit, the landlord and client should conduct a joint inspection of the unit to determine its current condition.

The landlord must meet the lease requirements as set by Opportunity Home and submit the Electronic RTA, which includes the following:

  • Request for Tenancy Approval
  • Tenancy Addendum
  • Owner’s Certification
  • Management agreement, if applicable
  • Lead Based Paint disclosure statement

The Electronic RTA can be found here.

Once you and the client have completed your sections, Opportunity Home will provide the remainder of the packet, which will collect your financial information for direct deposit of Housing Assistance Payments.

If approved, an inspection of the rental unit will be conducted within 5–10 business days. If the unit meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS), set by federal regulations and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Opportunity Home and the owner have agreed on a monthly contract rent amount, the lease will be approved. The family may move in once the unit has passed inspection and their current lease has expired.

A Housing Assistance Payments Contract (known as a HAP Contract) must be signed by the Landlord and Opportunity Home. This contract runs concurrently with the Lease Agreement signed between the landlord and the assisted family. Payment of the family’s portion of rent will begin on the effective date of the contract and lease. A family can remain on the Housing Choice Voucher Program as long as they continue to be eligible and fulfill their obligations under the federal regulations of the program.

For more information, contact:
Phone: 210.477.6033 | Fax: 210.477.6786
or by e-mail.

Owner Incentive Payments Program

Opportunity Home is offering incentives for current and new landlords. In an effort to increase successful leasing for voucher holders in a competitive rental market, Opportunity Home has implemented incentives up to $500 to owners who lease to HCV and Mainstream program participants under new contracts and owners newly partnering with the organization.

Contact [email protected] or 210.477.6033 for more information.


Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) Submission

Watch the video below to learn how to submit an RTA.

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HCV Landlord Seminar

The HCV Landlord Seminar has been suspended until further notice. A recap is available to watch at your convenience. Email questions about the seminar recap to [email protected].

During the seminar, we provide guidance on how to navigate leasing to residents participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Watch a recap of the seminar to learn how you can participate as a landlord in the program.

Seminar Recap


Opportunity Home does not maintain a property listing database. Landlords may submit their listings of available units through the free service offered by This service allows tenants, landlords and Opportunity Home to easily access information on available units. For an additional fee, landlords may upload pictures of their available properties.

HUD Landlord Newsletter

The HUD Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Newsletter is created quarterly for landlord, property owner and property manager communities.