Low Income Students Receive Free Laptops for Schoolwork

Low Income Students Receive Free Laptops for Schoolwork

PUBLISHED 7:43 AM CT JUN. 23, 2019

SAN ANTONIO – Twenty-five students in San Antonio are bridging a digital divide thanks to the Opportunity Home San Antonio and area businesses. 

  • Students worked on STEM skills last semester
  • Earned a certificate and refurbished laptop
  • Families expressed gratefulness

“I am so happy, so content, so thrilled that they’re offering these programs which are much needed and I appreciate what they’ve done,” said Ida Reta, a grandmother of three kids who received free laptops. 

The students spent countless hours this past semester learning STEM skills and training on computer literacy. On Saturday, the students were awarded for their hard work with a certificate and a refurbished laptop.

 “I’m eternally grateful because at my school, it’s all about education and a lot of our school revolves around technology and a lot of interaction with the internet,” said soon to be 11th grader Deja Hartfield.

For Program Coordinator Munirih Jester, seeing the faces of the students is all in a day’s work. 

“Our goal is to bridge the digital divide that exists,” said Jester. “A lot of our families don’t have access to computers and internet and the skills.”

For Reta, the grandmother of three, she says her grandchildren now have bright futures to look forward to.
“Nowadays anything you have a question on you either google it or just YouTube it, whatever. They have the ability and technology now that they didn’t have before which is going to help them in their schoolwork,” said Reta.