Kristen Carreon

Director of Operations Support

Kristen Carreon is the Director of Operations Support and is responsible for providing policy, procedure, customer service and data quality support for the Assisted Housing Programs, Public Housing, Community Development Initiatives and Beacon Communities Departments.

Since joining Opportunity Home San Antonio in 2014, she has provided training, policy development and process development for operations, and has developed a variety of technical documents and innovative resources that have earned NAHRO Awards for the organization.
Carreon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a Master of Arts Degree in English with a Graduate Certificate in Linguistics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

In 2018, she completed the North Chamber of Commerce San Antonio Leadership Lab. Carreon holds vast knowledge in the organization’s federal housing programs and has obtained professional certifications in Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs.