Opportunity Home San Antonio Reflects Transformational Change with New Name

Opportunity Home San Antonio Reflects Transformational Change with New Name

Opportunity Home San Antonio Reflects Transformational Change with New Name

Aug. 3, 2022

Across America, affordable housing is undergoing a transformative period of change. San Antonio, Texas is at the forefront of developing structural changes to its approach in creating opportunities for a stronger, more equitable and affordable housing environment. To reflect the changing affordable housing needs in its community, the Opportunity Home San Antonio (SAHA) announced it is changing its name to Opportunity Home San Antonio.

“Housing has evolved. The word ‘Authority’ no longer reflects the vision of a 21st century San Antonio,” said Dr. Ana Margarita “Cha” Guzman, Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Opportunity Home San Antonio. “We are proud of our more than 85 years of providing affordable housing assistance to generations in our community and are motivated by our new brand name Opportunity Home San Antonio.”

Opportunity Home San Antonio emanates from listening to residents, staff and community-based organization partners who communicated an affinity and distinct difference between housing and a house and the term home, which communicates comfort, safety and family. Furthermore, the word opportunity communicates a desire to achieve personal and family aspirations.

“It is time to disrupt the existing affordable housing system,” said Ed Hinojosa, Jr., President and CEO of Opportunity Home San Antonio. “With one out of fifteen San Antonians on a waitlist for affordable housing, we are committed to structural changes including expanding income-based housing amid an incessant global pandemic, and economic challenges.”

Opportunity Home is reforming organizational policies and procedures to ensure equitable practices across the organization — from decision making, resident service delivery, removing implicit biases in business practices, to becoming a Trauma Informed Care certified organization this year.

The evolution of Opportunity Home San Antonio reflects the growing affordable housing needs, as reflected by similar organizations throughout the country that have adopted a new name, such as Home Forward in Portland, Oregon, People First in Utica, New York, and Housing Solutions in Fort Worth, Texas.