SA2020: Community-Driven Solutions For A Widening Housing Gap

SA2020: Community-Driven Solutions For A Widening Housing Gap

One in five homeowners and more than half of renters in San Antonio are burdened by housing costs. What does that mean for the families who live on the margins?ListenListening…48:31

In January, local nonprofit SA2020 released its 2018 impact report, which analyzes the city’s progress in various indicators to improve conditions within San Antonio communities.

Targeting “eleven cause areas,” the report uses local data to measure whether goals have been met or are on track to be met by next year. 

“The Source” takes an annual deep dive into the impact report to address a series of “complex community challenges.” This specific show addresses indicators related to neighborhoodsdowntown development and family well-being.

Although the nonprofit’s goal for more housing construction within Loop 410 was met in 2016, lowering the cost burden of housing throughout the city continues to be a challenge. 

SA2020 defines “affordable housing” as accomodations that do not cost more than 30 percent of the household income. What counts as “affordable” for you in San Antonio?

Tracking homelessness, the local poverty rate and income segregation trends, SA2020 says more work needs to be done in order to improve quality of life for San Antonio residents.

Amid mounting concerns over the cost and access to housing, how can organizations and citizens work together to make stable housing a reality for all San Antonio families?

Learn more about the City of San Antonio’s Risk Mitigation Policy here.


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This interview aired on Monday, April 8.