Opportunity Home San Antonio Revises Rental Payment Policy

Opportunity Home San Antonio Revises Rental Payment Policy

Opportunity Home San Antonio Revises Rental Payment Policy


July 3, 2024

Following extensive discussions with Opportunity Home San Antonio, Representative Diego Bernal announces a strategic shift in Opportunity Home San Antonio’s rental payment policy.

Under the previous system, delinquent charges – including maintenance fees and late fees – took precedence over rent charges when a resident would make payments; this would often result in unpaid and overdue rents, leading to compounding fees and penalties and, in some cases, eviction. Now, after working with Representative Bernal, Opportunity Home San Antonio’s Acting President and CEO Michael Reyes will implement a revised approach that ensures that a resident’s rent payment credits rent first.

“By focusing on prioritizing rental payments, we are taking a significant step towards providing more stable and supportive housing for the more than 6,000 families who need it most,” said Representative Bernal. “This change reflects Opportunity Home San Antonio’s commitment to addressing housing challenges effectively and responsibly.”

“Applying payments to rent first is a sensible approach and another way we can support our families and reinforce our commitment to their housing stability,” said Michael Reyes, acting president and CEO of Opportunity Home. “This strategic shift will mitigate financial burdens for our residents and enhance housing stability, aligning with our city’s broader housing goals.”

“We value the opportunity to work with State Representative Bernal to revise our payment policy to better serve our families and communities,” said Gabe Lopez, Opportunity Home Board of Commissioners chair. “Through this effort, we will help ensure our residents have the support they need to maintain a safe, affordable place to call home.”

This transition underscores Opportunity Home San Antonio’s dedication to fostering a more equitable and sustainable housing landscape across the city. By aligning with best practices in housing management, the organization aims to strengthen its mission of providing safe and affordable housing options to all residents. Opportunity Home San Antonio plans to implement this new rental payment policy by September 1, 2024.