Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing

Housing touches every city, neighborhood and community.

Dive into candid conversations with local and national leaders, activists and industry experts on issues and policies impacting housing.


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“Those People” on Section Eight

What started as a housing assistance program designed to give low-income families the freedom to rent anywhere in a city, is now a derogatory stereotype developed over generations of families in need. How do we look beyond the stereotype residents hear?

Brandee Perez, Opportunity Home Chief Operating Officer
David Wheaton, Texas Housers Advocacy Director
Burt and Dr. Alicia Villareal, Landlords, BABCO Leadership Consulting

Common Stereotypes, Myths and Misconceptions About Public Housing

These are the stereotypes we hear again and again. But what is true and what prejudices do these families experience when seeking a helping hand?

Michael Reyes, Opportunity Home Public Affairs Officer

Equity vs. Equality: Who Deserves Housing Assistance?

Housing assistance is a program meant to help the poorest families. But how does that enable families, and are we helping families equally?

Cathy Albisa, VP of Institutional + Sectoral Change, Race Forward
Richard Milk, Opportunity Home Planning Officer

Mixed Income, Mixed Feelings

Mixed-income developments were first seen as an opportunity to diversify neighborhoods. We discuss what the initial findings show or how they have impacted low-income families.

Lorraine Robles, Opportunity Home Director of Development Services and Neighborhood Revitalization
Christine Drennon, Trinity University Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Public Private Problems

Affordable housing doesn’t build itself and existing affordable housing doesn’t rehab itself. It takes financial resources to do both. Housing organizations have been exploring public private partnerships to bring in revenue while increasing the housing stock. Activists say it’s a revenue generator for developers while municipalities are using them to increase housing stock.

Tim Alcott, Opportunity Home Chief Real Estate and Legal Officer

Is Housing a Human Right?

In light of the global pandemic, housing organizations across the country are examining their core mission as a safety net for the most vulnerable. There is simultaneously a housing crisis and a public housing renaissance happening. It is time to reintroduce the question, is housing indeed a human right?

Ed Hinojosa, Jr., Opportunity Home President and CEO
Carl E. Gershenson, Princeton University Project Director
Ron Nirenberg, City of San Antonio Mayor
Jasmine Rangel, PolicyLink Research Specialist, Senior Housing Associate


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Beyond Housing is hosted by Nadia Islam and executive produced by Marivel Arauza of Opportunity Home San Antonio.

Established in 1937, Opportunity Home San Antonio, formerly known as the Opportunity Home San Antonio, provides housing assistance to more than 57,000 children, adults and seniors through its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher and Mixed-Income housing programs. With approximately 500 employees, Opportunity Home encompasses 100 affordable housing properties across San Antonio.