Creating Positive Outcomes

Creating Positive Outcomes

Doris Aguirre is committed to not allowing someone to be without a home.

In fact, as a community manager at Gillette Square Apartments on San Antonio’s Southside, Aguirre did everything she could to secure a downstairs unit for a person who was battling an illness, immoble and residing at an assisted-living facility. 

Through her diligent efforts, Aguirre was able to secure a unit for the individual after resolving communication issues with the person’s family. 

As a community manager for the past three years at Gillette Square, a community not owned or managed by Opportunity Home, Aguirre has leased units to residents who participate in the organization’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The HCV program provides rental assistance payments on behalf of individuals and families that identify as low income. 

“My compassion is helping people,” she said. “Helping someone that is on the brink of homelessness or is homeless brings me so much joy to see the relief in their eyes when they know they have a place to call home, especially if they have children.”

Aguirre has worked in the housing industry, serving residents of San Antonio, including those who participate in Opportunity Home’s housing programs, for the past 25 years. During that time, she has served as a resident service coordinator, leasing agent, assistant community manager and community manager.

Aguirre leverages her relationships with community partners to provide resources to residents who are facing hardships and looking to turn their lives around. She recalls helping two residents — one who was dealing with domestic violence and the other who was in between jobs and returning to school with rental assistance.

Helping transform the lives of residents gives Aguirre motivation “to wake up in the morning” and go to work. 

“It’s rewarding,” she said. “I don’t see what I do as a job. It’s a blessing, and we are put where we are supposed to be for a reason.”

Aguirre credits Opportunity Home for going the extra mile in assisting her with moving in residents and providing pertinent information for landlords through the organization’s communications channels.

“Our goal is to always serve the disenfranchised of our community, and partnering with Opportunity Home helps us meet our goal – to provide safe and affordable housing and help build communities,” she said.

Opportunity Home recently implemented the Owner Incentive Payments program, providing a $500 incentive to owners who lease to participants in either the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or Mainstream programs. To learn more, visit our Landlords page or email [email protected]