Opportunity Home and City Collaborate as Part of Energy Grant

Opportunity Home and City Collaborate as Part of Energy Grant

Opportunity Home Collaborates with City as Part of Federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Grant

A $1.2 million Department of Energy grant has been awarded to the City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant aims to enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and mitigate climate pollution associated with transportation-related emissions. The funds will be used for three initiatives:

  • Energy Master Plan (EMP) for San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
  • Multi-Family Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Incentive Program
  • Low-Income E-bike Rebate Pilot Program

The EMP for SAT, developed by the City’s Aviation Department, will chart a course for enhancing energy reliability, resilience and efficiency at the airport. This comprehensive plan will provide significant cost savings and aims to reduce SAT’s environmental footprint through improved air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Simultaneously, the Multi-Family EV Charging Incentive Program will increase access to charging stations with the installation of Level 2 EV charging stations at multifamily residences in San Antonio. This initiative, undertaken in collaboration with Opportunity Home San Antonio, will help enhance air quality, decrease carbon emissions, promote sustainable transportation and increase access to charging infrastructure in the city’s underserved communities.

“The Charging Incentive and E-bike programs, along with our partnership with the City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability, underscores Opportunity Home’s commitment to our sustainability efforts and to improving the quality of life for our families and communities,” said Construction and Sustainability Program Manager L. Michael Lopez. “These programs will benefit our residents tremendously by helping to provide access to cost- and energy-efficient transportation options, while promoting and enhancing sustainability in our city.”

Finally, the Low-Income E-bike Rebate Pilot Program will empower Opportunity Home residents by offering point-of-sale vouchers on Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes.

“Through this e-bike incentive pilot program, we will provide approximately 171 Opportunity Home residents a sustainable and cost-effective mobility option for their commute to work, school or to pick up groceries,” Doug Melnick, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of San Antonio said. “All three of these programs are a significant step in the equitable implementation of the SA Climate Ready Plan.”

For more information on these initiatives and the City’s sustainability efforts, visit the Office of Sustainability’s website.