Opportunity Home is the largest housing authority in the state of Texas, and one of 39 Moving-to-Work agencies in the United States. Our organization is the stepping stone for many families who are working to become self-sufficient and ultimately achieve their dreams of homeownership, and we believe they can.


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Accomplishing Goals

2018–19 was a year of making big changes. Building beds for children who were sleeping on the floor and couches, introducing single-family homes to expand homeownership opportunities and motivating residents to accomplish goals they set when they joined our program. The Opportunity Home San Antonio is one of the largest housing authorities in the state of Texas, serving approximately 65,000 residents — building one dream at a time.


Opportunity Home is the largest housing authority in the State of Texas and one of just 39 Moving to Work agencies in the United States. Opportunity Home’s commitment to creating dynamic communities where people thrive ensures residents have access to affordable housing and a safe place to raise a family.

Opportunity lives here.


In Fiscal Year 2018–19, Opportunity Home provided 5,649 residents public housing assistance and administered 13,056 Housing Choice vouchers. Approximately 700 vouchers are designated to assist the homeless, homeless college students, children aging out of foster care and others.


46,691 residents received housing assistance.

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Housing assistance is more than affordable rent — it’s giving residents a stable home and environment for their families. Prior to Opportunity Home, some residents were homeless, others struggled between paying for rent or other household necessities or utilities. The security Opportunity Home provides ensures residents no longer have to worry about where they are staying and instead allows them to focus on building a home.

A Foundation to Success.


Opportunity Home and Terramark Urban Homes held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the construction of 12 new homes on the Eastside through the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. Residents have the opportunity to purchase new homes at an affordable price and achieve their dreams of homeownership.


Opportunity Home and McCormack Baron Salazar celebrated a milestone in Eastside revitalization efforts with the grand opening of the Wheatley Park Senior Living Community, Opportunity Home’s second phase of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative. The senior community includes a community room, indoor movie theater, salon, doctor’s clinic and other amenities for the senior residents.



Opportunity Home announced it garnered 9 percent Low-Income Housing Tax Credits by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to build Alazan Lofts, a new development that will expand affordable housing on the Inner Westside of San Antonio.


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After 10 years of planning, the Opportunity Home, San Antonio College’s William R. Sinkin Eco Centro and Compost Queens, community partners and residents broke ground June 12 on what will become the Garcia Street Urban Farm on the Eastside of San Antonio. The 4.1-acre urban farm will be one of the largest in the city and will serve as an educational and food production hub on the Eastside, designated a food desert by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.




Throughout the year, we host a variety of events to engage families and residents. Opportunity Home values partnerships with community organizations to connect residents with resources and solutions to everyday challenges. It is our hope our residents find a sense of belonging and learn they have the same potential when they have access to the same resources.

The sky’s the limit.


food distributions held in collaboration with community partners

families received access to nutritious food

adults served

children served

received in in-kind donations



residents events were hosted through the year

residents completed life skills training

residents completed ConnectHome training


“Dress for Success San Antonio empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”




partners collaborated with Opportunity Home to provide access to clothing

residents received clothing from Dress for Success


Beyond housing assistance, Opportunity Home connects residents with case workers who are encouraging and motivating residents to fulfill their dreams. Without the fear and stress of affording rent, residents have the ability to focus on education and training they need to reach new milestones in their lives. 

This is when change happens.

FSS Participant Reaches Dream of Becoming Business Owner

For many, housing assistance through Opportunity Home is a temporary journey toward bigger dreams. The Family Self-Sufficiency Program has become a guiding program for residents achieving economic independence within five years. Sherri Turner is the proud owner of the Datz it Datz All Food Truck, made possible through her participation in FSS. Watch a #WeAreOpportunityHome video of a young mom turned entrepreneur.

Leading by Example

Meet Janet — A Opportunity Home resident, Resident Council Vice President, Digital Ambassador for ConnectHomeSA, a single mother and inspiration to the Opportunity Home community.  

Janet is highly engaged, leading community meetings, helping residents better themselves. Janet is becoming the change she hopes to see in her community and spends a majority of her time interacting with residents around her community and informing residents of the opportunities offered by Opportunity Home. 

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Opportunity Home resident and Employee Provides Inspiration

Our Jobs Plus team helps hundreds of residents complete training, achieve higher education, find employment and accomplish goals residents have for themselves. Jason was determined to find opportunities to provide a brighter future for his son. With assistance from Opportunity Home’s Jobs Plus Program, he turned his dreams into a reality. Now the single father is a resident and an essential Opportunity Home employee working on the frontline. Watch his #WeAreOpportunityHome story.


At the end of Fiscal Year 2019, Opportunity Home’s independent financial auditor issued an unmodified (clean audit) opinion. During the fiscal year, Opportunity Home refinanced the Burning Tree and Encanta Villa Apartments, which provided approximately $6.6 million in net proceeds, which will be used to fund capital repairs and replacements for Burning Tree, Encanta Villa and other assets within the Beacon Communities portfolio.


Opportunity Home ended its fiscal year with a debt-to-equity ratio of .35 and a current ratio of 3.44, signifying strong financial health and capacity to pay obligations.


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Where We Are Going

In the coming years, Opportunity Home is committed to building on its strengths and successes and will continue to offer affordable housing, promote self sufficiency and create new partnerships that provide opportunities for families and generations to come.