Lorraine Robles

Director of Development Services and Neighborhood Revitalization

Lorraine Robles has over 23 years of economic development and real estate development experience. She is responsible for the construction and acquisition of multi-family and single family housing for the agency. She also oversees the Wheatley Choice Neighborhood “Housing” and “Neighborhood” components. She has been with Opportunity Home for 12 years beginning as a HOPE VI CSS Manager overseeing resident services for Opportunity Home’s three HOPE VI sites and has spent the last 10 years in real estate development directly responsible for the project oversight of over 2,000 units. Prior to joining the agency, she worked for ACCION Texas, now known as LiftFund, for 10 years as Sr. Vice President of Operations and Lending. She received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University. She is also certified as a Senior Public Housing Manager (SPHM) and Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP).